(ano)The(r) (new) Beginning

Well here we go……

This is going to be the blog of my weight loss journey and road to fitness. I have realised it is going to be a long road, but even the longest journey starts with a single step, and this is MINE!

What has changed to make this time work i hear you ask. Well allow me to explain……..

At the start of 2015 I had plans to carry on the rebuilding of my life that had started back at the tail end of 2013 and early 2014. This had included seeking help with my mental health, sorting out some of the basics of my life and even being lucky enough to have found a wonderful woman. (More of her later, no doubt) Sadly though things weren’t quite so simple, and I had a run of circumstances during January that meant I was confined to bed for a while, required MRI scan and then thankfully no surgery. It did however mean that I was now into the latter part of March and not only hadn’t improved my fitness, but was actually worse than I had started the year. So now that my rehab is well under way, and I am nearing a return to work, I decided it was also time to start and push myself forward physically.

Although i have made this plan many times before, something was different. And strangely it was due to sitting watching TV. Watching the show “Obese, A Year To Save My Life” was usually just an exercise in good intentions, saying to Sharon that I was going to get fit, and also thinking to myself that I’d never let myself get THAT bad… (who the f**k was I kidding?) Anyway, whilst watching the last two episodes (about a 49-year-old called Tony 398lb) I saw what that man went through, the demons he faced, the crap life threw at him, and he still ended the show at 198lbs. I have never been so impressed, so touched and so inspired by 1 man in my life. As soon as the show had finished, I got dressed, googled Chris Powell and went for a 4.3 mile walk. (I am hoping to connect my Strava profile to this blog for people to follow my walks, rides and eventually runs)

So my plan now is to keep this blog updated with my exercise, pics of my meals (and maybe recipes if people want them), my weekly weight and weight loss, as well as pictures of me as I go through this journey.

(WARNING…. some pictures may not be suitable for those who don’t like fat people! lol)

So today my starting weight is 327.6lbs and I look like this……..

Day 1front
Day 1 front
Day 1 side
Day 1 side

What a sorry sight!! But looking forward to the future pictures 🙂


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